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All the questions you may have about Voice over IP (VoIP)



What is VoIP?
What do I need to start using VoIP?
Do I need a broadband internet connection?
Can I use VoIP on my dial up internet connection?
Do I need a computer?
Can I ring anyone anywhere?
Do I need a new phone?
Can I use my old phone?
Do I get a new telephone number?
Types of VoIP setups available
Can I make emergency phone calls?
What is the sound quality like?
Can I really make phone calls for free?
Why are some VoIP services free and others you have to pay for?
Can I save money by using VoIP services?
Can I use VoIP wirelessly?
What happens if the power fails?
What is Skype?
Can I use VoIP with Microsoft Instant Messenger?

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