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Can I use VoIP wirelessly?


This is a hot topic within the VoIP industry at the moment.

You can to a degree with various methods of ingenuity.

With the right equipment (such as a SIPphone adapter) you can use your current wireless handset for example and be wireless around the house.

You can use Bluetooth technology....but are restricted to very short distances away from your computer. You can take this a step further and use bluetooth to connect your headset and Pocket PC together with your Pocket PC connected wirelessly (802.11b/g) to your wireless access point which is connected to your broadband internet connection (jeees whad a geek!) This will enable you to be wireless throughout you normal wireless range as long as you have your headset and pocket PC together. (you could cheat and just plug a conventional headset into your pocket PC if you can't stretch to a bluetooth headset)

You can do a similar thing with a laptop of course. If you are out in your garden using your headset connected to your laptop (wired or wirelessly) and your laptop is connected to your wireless LAN and you're talking over a VoIP connection then I'd class that as using VoIP wirelessly.

For industry the push seems to be for seemless wireless VoIP communication whereby a wireless VoIP handset (or headset) can roam between wireless LAN's (if you are in a big building spread over many floors) or between public hotspots. This is just coming on line now and will be the next big VoIP 'thang'.


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