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  What is VoIP

Why are some VoIP services free and others you have to pay for?


The free services are genuinely free but have drawbacks, namely;

  • You need to install some software on your computer to use it (knows as a softphone)
  • The person you are calling needs to have the same software loaded to take your call
  • Your computer needs to be on
  • You can't have your own telephone number (other VoIPUser gets round this)

You will generally see that all the providers that offer free VoIP services also push their subscription services, Skype, Gizmo (SIPphone) for instance.

Paid for services can still have some of the drawbacks of the free service but the main advantage when you pay for a subscription is that you can call any landline phone and it will generally be cheaper than equivalent landline services. The same applies to calling mobile phones (always check tariffs for all services)

The reason you have to pay for this service is because the VoIP provider has to pay to connect your VoIP call to the PSTN network which routes to the landline (or mobile) that you are calling


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