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Skype at Home


Skype is a VoIP softphone application that is ideally suited to the home user wanting to get into and feel the benefit of Voice over IP telephony.

Like other softphone applications you are presented with an easy to use, intuative graphical user interface (GUI ). Anyone familiar with Microsoft Messenger or ICQ will feel at home with Skype.

Skype is also the application that has brought VoIP to the masses, it's caught the media's attention and has spread around the web at an incredible rate.

It takes something like Skype to do this though as incredibly voice calls over the internet have been available for years, only now though are people paying attention.

What can Skype do?

Skype can enable you do make FREE voice calls to other Skype users and with a paid subscription you can make calls to any landline phone considerably cheaper than traditional telephony providers. Check out the 'getting started FAQ' to see what you need to start using VoIP.

You will need to download Skype from their website - and install the application on your PC, MAC, Linux or Pocket PC PDA, once installed and with the use of a headset or USB phone you are ready to make voice calls for free.

Here are some screenshots of the application


    showing your skype contact list      selecting someone from your contact list
   You are now talking over a VoIP connection      using skypeout to make a call to a landline phone
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