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Can I really make phone calls for free?

It depends on whether you are looking at it from the viewpoint of Joe public or an accountant!

Joe Public: "I can make phone calls for free using VoIP"

Accountant: "I can make phone calls for free if I was using YOUR internet connection which YOU are paying for, else it's costing me money."

Strictly speaking the accountant is right, you are paying for it by having to have an internet connection, plus you will probably buy a headset or USB phone....but we don't all look at it from that viewpoint. Your internet connection is something you had already, right? therefore anything you can get for free on top of that is a bonus.

If you were to replace your existing phone line and only use VoIP for making calls then you could save money, if you were planning on a 2nd phone line then again it could save you money (especially if you were to use a service such as VoIPUser)

If you were to just use the free VoIP services to keep in contact with friends and family around the globe then you could save a packet, you bill could go from to Zero.

It depends how canny you want to be.


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