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Can I ring anyone anywhere?

Well yes, but it's best if you know who it is you are calling! The temptation to make random calls across the globe must be high especially if you aren't paying for the call but try and resist.

Ok, I know you wouldn't but plenty of people do, generally spammers, so be aware that when you log in to skype for instance you may well get people you've never heard of before trying to contact you. First off don't answer and secondly restrict who can contact you (dealt with in the Skype section)

Getting back to the original question, yes you can ring anyone in the world regardless of service but remember for free calls both parties must be using the same VoIP service, ie Skype, Gizmo etc.

It's worth remembering though that VoIP can save you money even if the call is local - if you are currently paying for local calls (most landline providers still charge during weekdays) then VoIP can save you money.


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