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Do I get a new telephone number?


No, not generally and certainly not with the free VoIP services.

If you have opted for a subscription VoIP service then your provider will more than likely offer an incoming call number option for an extra charge.

Check out the charges carefully, especially long distance charges, you don't want you friends and family charged more for a service that can be done via a landline phone cheaper.

If you want a 2nd line (and want to use VoIP) and you are in the UK then a good compromise is VOIPUSER.

With VoIPUser you get a number which people can call you on, 0845, 0844 etc but you are not charged for the service. It's a not for profit arrangement and works like this,

Sign up to VoIPUser and get an 0845 etc number. Your friends and family (or anybody) can now ring you. They are charged for the call, approx 3p/min. (rates vary please check)

The revenue raised from the incoming call to you is put in the 'community pot' and used to buy outgoing call minutes for the community to use. In other words you can make calls to anyone in the world (including landline phones) for free.

The catch is that you need to contribute to the pot, in other words you can't just make calls, you need people to call you on your assigned number. If you don't play fair you'll be cut off. A great system.

Possible uses;

Peak hour calls could work out cheaper for people calling you (check rates carefully against your current provider)

Long distance calls could work out cheaper for people calling you (check rates)

Useful as a 2nd line to your home (anyone with kids will know what I'm talking about)

Useful as a business line if you are running a business from home

Checkout for full information.


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