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  Ringtones for Skype

Sound Ringtones for your Skype PC VoIP client

  Guide to changing you Skype Ringtone

  Alarm beep Listen      
  Alarm set Listen      
  Arrow Listen      
  Booing crowd Listen      
  Bottom burp (quick) Listen      
  Boxing bell Listen      
  Breaking news Listen      
  Buzzer Listen      
  Car beep Listen      
  Cash register Listen      
  Cuckoo 1 Listen      
  Cuckoo 2 Listen      
  Doorbell Listen      
  Electricity Listen      
  Fanfair Listen      
  Fart Listen      
  Honk Listen      
  Kisses Listen      
  Klaxon Listen      
  Laser fire Listen      
  Laugh Listen      
  M16 fire Listen      
  Morse Code Listen      
  Motorcycle Listen      
  Phaser Listen      
  Phaser2 Listen      
  Phaser3 Listen      
  Pacman intro Listen      
  Pacman play Listen      
  Phone engaged Listen      
  Police siren Listen      
  Punchline Listen      
  Rubber duck Listen      
  Scream Listen      
  Shrill Listen      
  Snoring Listen      
  Spludge Listen      
  Submarine sonar Listen      
  Train toot Listen      
  UFO News Listen      
  Zoop Listen      
  Ringtones | Sounds        

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