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Now before we explain what a router is we just want to clear up how it is pronounced, its Roo-ter. Now I know our American friends like to pronounce it Row-ter but they also have a peculiar way of saying aluminium and a Row-ter is a tool for making pretty shapes in wood so enough said, Roo-ter it is.

A Router is a device that forwards and routes data packets within a network. A router must be connected to at least two networks to be of any use, you can have small scale setups such as 2 routers or go as big as you like (such as the internet)

Routers use forwarding tables to determine the best path for forwarding the packets.

A single router will not know how to get from A to Z but will know that to get to Z he needs to talk to B. B again doesn't know how to get to Z but knows he must talk to C to get there and so on and so forth. This all happens quicker than you can possibly imagine and this process takes place each time you request a web page from one side of the world to another - it takes a fraction of a second for routers to work out the path to Z.


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