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Is it worth getting VoIP setup

Hell yes...... hell no, crikey I don't know!  If you've never seen the need to use a phone before then I guess VoIP won't be any use to you, else 'cors it's worth it.

It's got the potential to save you money even if you only make local calls, if you're getting charged for it at the moment then it can save you money. If you make international calls then it can save you heaps.

It could mean of course that you never get out the house and converse face to face, free phone calls = limited pub time. No let's not go there.....

Don't look at VoIP as your landline telephony replacement just yet though, it's got it's faults, yep it's not perfect. You generally can't make calls to emergency services for instance, you need your computer switched on (for most VoIP services) and you're reliant on your internet connection (cable users are now tutting I can see)

See it as more of a way reducing your current phone bills and as the technology matures, take the natural progressive steps away from your landline. There will come a point in time when your landline could become redundant.


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